Tipper vans Vs Skips

While skips have a lot of great advantages they are not always the best or cheaper choice for your waste needs!

Skips are convenient, you can fill them at your leisure. They act as a bin outside your property or place of work. With a waste collection service you have to stack or store the waste prior to being collected.

Skips also have many bad points and disadvantages

They can be filled up by your neighbours by waste that is not your own

If they are parked on a public road you will have to pay for a permitFB_IMG_1611389963787

Access can be an issue. Skips are far from small and can often cause problems!

You have to pay for a skip collection if its full, half full or empty!

You will have to fill a skip yourself

They can sometimes be left for days before being collected.

You will have to clean up any mess once the skip has been collected

Skip companies will not accept some items meaning you will have to find someone else to take away some of your waste anyway.


Advantages of using a waste collection service like us

We will collect only the waste you are paying for us to take.

No permit needed, we will call at a time that suits you, collect your waste and leave.

Again our vehicles are small enough so access should not be a problem. We are usually loaded up and gone within an hour so no access issues!

You only pay for the waste we take, half a load? You only pay for half a load!

We will load the waste for you and clean up any mess after.

We will inform you before your waste collection if certain items are more expensive to dispose of.

Most of all we are cheaper per cubic size compared to skip prices.



We are registered waste carriers, all waste collected is taken to a recognised transfer station were the waste is sorted and if possible recycled.

It is not just domestic properties we can collect from. We work with many business owners and tradesmen also.

Builders waste such as rubble, timber and roofing materials.

Old Kitchen and Bathroom suits

Gardening and green waste

Carpet and flooring fitters

We can collect most types of waste, we also flexible and can collect at a time or day that suits you. 7 days a week day or evening.


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